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An effective land acquisition strategy is the foundation for a successful land development project. Before you commit time and resources to a planned development site, it is important to conduct due diligence from the perspective of civil/site engineering, environmental investigation, and regulatory/permitting considerations. There are many potential constraints that can limit the development of a site or cause unforeseen delays affecting your construction schedule and risking reduced ROI.

  1. Is the proposed site suitable for your planned project goals?
  2. Does the site meet the necessary requirements for local zoning and planning ordinances?
  3. What are the potential environmental and/or regulatory issues that may restrict the site’s potential?

Join our experienced engineering, environmental, and regulatory professionals for a virtual, live panel and Q&A session addressing the critical importance of conducting pre-purchase investigations. Gain valuable insights to help you build an effective land acquisition strategy.

We are looking forward to hosting you for this opportunity!


Brad Thompson, Director of Land Development

Robert Schwarzkopf, Director of Site Remediation

Georgia Marino, Senior Environmental Scientist

Peter Ciliberto, Assistant Director of Land Development



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