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Our advantage is an applied research capability – A prerequisite in the highly specialized field of environmental modeling

Najarian Associates provides expert services in the area of water resource analysis. The firm’s scientists, engineers, and planners are highly qualified in the fields of hydrology, hydraulics, hydrodynamics, and water quality science. The firm develops and applies reliable mathematical simulation models that can fill gaps in sampling data or project design field conditions.

Whether your environmental problem requires a simple solution — or a complex, state-of-the-art model application – Najarian’s water resources staff offers the capability and specialized knowledge to get the job done right.

General Water Resources and Modeling Services:

Najarian works with a wide array of clientele, including state/federal agencies, water purveyors, scientific research foundations, and private industry. The experienced staff has served on EPA Model Evaluation Groups and expert review panels.

Najarian Associates specializes in hydrodynamic, hydraulic, hydrologic, and water quality model studies in aquatic systems. These study topics include: tidal circulation, salinity intrusion, Power Plant 316a, TMDL analyses, stream nutrient/DO, river hydraulics/flooding, CSO conveyance, transient pipe hydraulics, and watershed hydrology/nutrient dynamics studies. Many of Najarian Associates’ projects have been published in peer-reviewed literature.


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