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Providing comprehensive assessment of project site contamination

To date, Najarian Associates has conducted hundreds of preliminary Phase I/Phase II site audits for various commercial, industrial, agricultural, and brownfield properties throughout the Tri-State region. On sites that have a well-defined degree of potential risk, preliminary investigations may be limited to site inspections, historical reviews, and a somewhat restricted soil-testing program. For sites that require a more comprehensive approach, Najarian Associates expands its investigations to include soil/groundwater/surface water and sediment. Typical services include screening for hazardous wastes, ISRA, PA/SI/RI/RAW/RAR and expert testimony.  Furthermore, our firm provides emergency response services for hazardous waste spills and leaking underground storage tanks (USTs), and provides fate and transport modeling services.  Najarian Associates also provides NJDEP Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Program services to navigate the myriad of environmental regulations leading to site remediation and case closure.

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