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Professional Land Surveyors and experienced field personnel using the latest technology to deliver accurate surveys and mapping

Najarian utilizes a full range of advanced survey equipment, state-of-the-art field data collection, communication devices, and advanced CAD software to deliver the most innovative and effective land surveying solutions for clients.

The highly experienced field survey crew collaborates with a team of in-house surveyors, project managers, and CAD personnel to accurately complete a wide range of field and office survey applications throughout New Jersey.

Najarian’s professional staff operates the latest releases of AUTOCAD/Land Desktop, Survey and Civil 3D, and/or ERSI/Arcinfo & ArcView.  Our OSHA-certified field crew is qualified to work on environmental projects, such as hazardous waste sites.

Civil and Site Engineering Projects

Spanning more than 30 years, the Surveying Section has completed construction layouts for more than 8,000 multi-family and over 10,000 single-family units.

General Surveying Services:


Robotic Surveying

Najarian Associates provides robotic survey crews for every type of surveying need, including environmental surveys, construction stakeout surveys, ALTA Surveys, and property surveys.

Hydrographic Surveying

Najarian Associates provides experienced crews for mapping stream and waterway cross-sections, and hydrographic surveys for dredging marinas.

Environmental Surveying Services

Najarian Associates provides experienced OSHA-certified field crews and project managers for environmental projects. Our managers are experienced in maintaining complete and functional databases.

Highway Surveying Services

Najarian Associates provides roadway and right-of-way surveying for State, County, and Municipal projects. Experienced field crews, precise field notes, and quality-controlled data collection procedures assure a seamless highway design process.

Construction Layout Services

Najarian Associates provides construction layout for residential, commercial, and industrial development. Data collection and robotic crews help maintain tight work schedules and provide accurate data.

GPS Surveying

Najarian Associates provides static and RTK surveying to determine accurate horizontal and vertical locations. At the client’s direction, survey data is delivered in various datums such as NJSPCS – NAD 1983, NAVD 1988 (GEOID XX), latitude and longitude (1983 or 1927).

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