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Transforming brownfields to greenfields

Re-development of blighted, environmentally impacted properties is often accompanied by a myriad of challenges and opportunities for public and private stakeholders. Najarian Associates provides a range of professional services to resolve brownfield redevelopment problems, including:

Najarian has received a “Brownfield Redevelopment Outstanding Achievement Award” from a major developer for resolving chromium contaminated soil and groundwater issues at a former brownfield site in Jersey City.   Furthermore, Najarian secured NJDEP funding for remediation and redevelopment of a former dredge-material disposal site into a public waterfront park. In supporting the redevelopment of a former Micheline tire manufacturing site in Milltown into a mixed-use development, Najarian secured over $12 million in HDSRF/EPA grant funds to investigate and remediate this site.  Currently, we are working with a team of professionals to help Middlesex County re-develop Brownfield properties in Perth Amboy into a public waterfront park.  To date, Najarian Associates has secured in excess of $4 Million from NJDEP’s HDSRF Program to redevelop this property.

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