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Designing, permitting, and managing feasible and buildable projects

Najarian Associates has vast experience in designing residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental projects. Residential projects range from small developments to large planned communities (more than 1,000 units) which may include commercial and recreational components such as retail or golf courses.

Over the course of nearly four decades, the firm has successfully designed and permitted more than 31,000 housing units and in excess of 3 million square feet of commercial space, along with several industrial and municipal projects.

Civil and Site Engineering Services

Balancing creativity and practicality, Najarian Associates’ concepts will meet your development goals, while conforming to natural site features and satisfying regulatory requirements.  General services include the following:

Najarian Associates provides complete design and permitting services – from initial feasibility studies through design and approval to bond release. A skilled team of civil and site engineering professionals and scientists collaborate to develop an approvable project layout and then fast-track projects through the complex regulatory process. With the experience and expertise to obtain all local, regional, federal and state (NJDEP) permits, clients can feel confident that their design timeline will stay on schedule.


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