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Conducting due diligence to identify potential project constraints

Najarian Associates conducts feasibility studies during the early stages of a project to evaluate physical, environmental, and regulatory constraints that may limit the development potential of a site.  Typically, this information is summarized in an environmental constraints map that identifies relevant physical features (e.g., flood zones, steep slopes, etc.), environmentally sensitive areas (e.g., wetlands and streams), environmental resources (e.g., endangered species habitat) and available infrastructure (water supply and sewer). A feasibility study also provides preliminary information regarding the myriad of permits and approvals that are needed to see the project through to completion.  This information is crucial for evaluating the development potential of a site and its economic viability.

Najarian Associates conducts detailed environmental assessments of existing site conditions and analyses of anticipated project impacts.  Such studies of varying size and complexity have been conducted for both residential and commercial developments throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.  All have been accepted by governmental agencies including: local Township Planning Boards, Regional Planning Agencies (such as the Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission and Pinelands Commission), and a number of State Environmental Programs (such as CAFRA, Waterfront Development, and Stream Encroachment).

Environmental studies also provide suitable mitigative measures and analyze their projected effectiveness.  Typically, an analysis of project design alternatives is included, highlighting whether potential impacts can be reduced or eliminated.  Our staff presents the results of such studies as expert testimony at public hearings.

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