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Tavit O. Najarian, Sc.D.


Tavit O. Najarian, Sc.D., President and Founder of Najarian Associates, Inc., is highly regarded as an expert in the field of water resources. Throughout the past four decades, Dr. Najarian has been involved with the development, adaptation, and application of mathematical models for hydrodynamic and water quality simulations of aquatic systems. He has authored / co-sponsored articles, research papers, and reports while serving in his capacity as a consultant on hydraulic and environmental issues related to large-scale planned residential, commercial, industrial, and waterfront projects.

During his professional career, as a testament to his dedication for the science of engineering, Dr. Najarian has had the honor and pleasure to accept invitations as an adjunct professor at Rutgers, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and MIT, as well as appointments to a number of boards, including:

In addition to his professional appointments, he has also been associated with the following societies, including:

In 2009, he had the privilege to be awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor for professional and humanitarian endeavors in his local community and in his ancestral country of Armenia.

Dr. Najarian received his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and his Doctoral Degree in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was also one of the first awardees of the Arthur T. Ippen Fellowship at MIT.

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