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This event, held at the Somerset Corporate Center campus, was especially significant for two reasons: 1) It was an introduction of our brand to this group of real estate professionals, and 2) We had an opportunity to visit one of our key commercial real estate projects. Najarian Associates was responsible for the complete site and stormwater design, including roadways, buildings, drainage and utilities, all permitting, and obtaining final approvals ahead of development.

Our Land Development group, led by Brad Thompson, P.E., brings significant experience to the design, permitting, approval, stormwater, and surveying processes associated with medium-large scale commercial / office, industrial / warehouse, retail / mixed-use, and multi-family developments.

Najarian Associates has long been been known as a consultant to the residential development sector, working with legacy homebuilders throughout our 45 years in business, while also having welcomed smaller, regional builders into our client portfolio within the past 10-15 years. Along our journey, we have also represented commercial / industrial / office / mixed-use properties, and are actively seeking to welcome new clients in that sector!

We are available to answer any questions about the project or connect with you on any upcoming opportunities. The best time to consult with us is before land is purchased so we can help with your pre-purchase assessment.

Let Najarian Associates be your next engineering partner!

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