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Conducting technologically effective methodologies to ensure safety and regulatory compliance

Najarian Associates can identify and implement comprehensive action plans to solve existing and potential hazardous threats to the environment. Such plans are developed based on monitoring data and an evaluation of remedial alternatives. Our firm has successfully implemented a range of technological solutions, including:

During remedial action, Najarian has provided remediation oversight to ensure adherence to project specifications and Health and Safety protocols.  We have designed and implemented Air Monitoring programs to protect site workers and surrounding communities.

Our firm has obtained numerous No Further Action (NFA) letters from NJDEP for projects with environmental concerns, thereby minimizing developmental risks.  To meet our client’s needs under the NJDEP LSRP program, Entire Site and Area-of-Concern Response Action Outcomes (RAOs) are issued to close out contaminated sites, enabling an array of future uses.

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