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Collecting and analyzing samples using in-house NJDEP-certified lab

Najarian Associates provides field-sampling services to generate information and data for a wide-range of environmental investigations/evaluations.  Trained and certified personnel are equipped to collect air, soil, sediment/sludge, surface water, and groundwater data and samples to support many types of projects including ambient air quality programs, watershed studies, surface and stormwater investigations, underground storage tank (UST) and industrial use investigations, ecological studies, and soil, sediment, and groundwater investigations and remediation.

Employing the services of drilling contractors, Najarian completes subsurface investigations to determine the extent and severity of contamination, supervises the installation of NJDEP-permitted groundwater monitoring wells, and screens and collects samples for laboratory analyses.  In some circumstances, the Low-Flow Purging and Sampling method is utilized for groundwater sampling.  In compliance with NJDEP Office of Quality Assurance protocols, Najarian is certified to perform “analyze-immediately” measurements for temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity (NJ Laboratory Certification #13012).

Najarian Associates designs sampling programs, prepares QA/QC Work Plans and Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs), and prepares data summary reports.    

All environmental field/survey personnel are OSHA HAZWOPER certified.


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