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Special Accreditations  

Najarian Associates encourages staff members to publish innovative techniques in peer-reviewed journals.  This activity provides a high level of accreditation for the firm’s work.  The following is a list of such publications, all of which are available upon request.

Representative Najarian Associates’ Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1.  J.L. DiLorenzo, P-S Huang, G.M. Bolin, and T.O. Najarian, 2012.  “Conceptual Model for Back-Bay Inundations,” ASCE, Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering Division, 12th International Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Conference, Nov. 2011.
  2. H.S. Litwack, J.L. DiLorenzo, P-S. Huang, and T.O. Najarian, 2006.  “Development of a Simple Phosphorus Model for a Large Urban Watershed: A Case Study.”  ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 132, No. 4: 538-545.
  3. J.L. DiLorenzo, R.J. Filadelfo, C.R. Surak, H.S. Litwack, V.K. Gunawardana, and T.O. Najarian, 2004.  “Tidal Variability in the Water Quality of an Urbanized Estuary.”  Estuaries, Vol. 27, No. 5: 851-860.
  4. D.T. Burton, J.L. DiLorenzo, T.R. Shedd, and J.G. Wrobel, 2002.  “Aquatic Hazard Assessment of a Contaminated Surficial Aquifer Discharge into the Bush River, Maryland,” Water, Air and Soil Pollution,” 139: 159-182.
  5. J.L. DiLorenzo, E. Hasbrouck, and T.O. Najarian, 1995.  “Water Quality Screening Methodology for a Coastal Boat Basin.”  In: Marina III, Planning, Design and Operation, W. Blain (ed.), Comp. Mechanics Publications, Southampton, U.K.
  6. J.L. DiLorenzo, P-S Huang, M.L. Thatcher, and T.O. Najarian, 1994.  “Dredging Impacts on Delaware Estuary Tides,” ASCE, Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering,  3rd International Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Conference, Sept. 8-10, 1993, Oak Brook, IL.
  7. J.L. DiLorenzo, R.V. Ram, P-S. Huang, and T.O. Najarian, 1994.  “Pollution Susceptibility of Well-Mixed Tidal Basins,” ASCE, Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Division, 120 (4): 404-422.
  8. P-S. Huang, J.L. DiLorenzo, and T.O. Najarian, 1994.  “A Two-Dimensional Hydrothermal Reservoir Model,” ASCE, Journal of the Hydraulics Division, 120 (7): 846-862.
  9. J.L. DiLorenzo, P-S. Huang, and T.O. Najarian, 1989.  “Water Quality Models for Small Tidal Inlet Systems,” ASCE, Journal of  Environmental Engineering, 115 (1): 192-209.
  10. T.O. Najarian and D.R.F. Harleman, 1989.  “Role of Models in Estuarine Flow and Water Quality Analysis,” Estuarine Circulation, B.J. Neilson, A. Kuo, and J. Brubaker (eds.), Humana Press.
  11. J.L. DiLorenzo, 1988.  “The Overtide and Filtering Response of Small Inlet/Bay Systems,”  In: Lecture Notes on Coastal and Estuarine Studies, Vol. 29, Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics of Tidal Inlets, D. Aubrey and L. Weisher (eds.), Springer-Verlag.
  12. K. Wong and J.L. DiLorenzo, 1988.  “The Response of Delaware’s Inland Bays to Ocean Forcing,” Journal of Geophysical Research, 93(10): 12,525-12,535.
  13. T.O. Najarian, P-S Huang, and D-P Wang, 1986.  “Analysis of Residual Currents Using a Two-Dimensional Model,” Physics of Shallow Estuaries and Bays, J. Van de Kreeke (ed.), Springer-Verlag.
  14. T.O. Najarian, T.T. Griffin, and V.K. Gunawardana, 1986.  “Development Impacts on Water Quality: A Case Study,” ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 112, No. 1.
  15. T.O. Najarian, D-P Wang, and P-S Huang, 1984.  “A Lagrangian Transport Model for Estuaries,” ASCE Journal of the Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Division, 110, No. 3.
  16. T.O. Najarian, P.J. Kaneta, J.L. Taft, and M.L. Thatcher, 1984. “Application of Nitrogen-Cycle Model to Manasquan Estuary,” ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 110, No. 1: 190-207.
  17. T.T. Griffin and R.A. Ferrara, 1984.  “A Multicomponent Model of Phosphorus Dynamics in Reservoirs,” Water Resources Bulletin, 20, No. 5: 777-788.
  18. T.O. Najarian and M.L. Thatcher, 1983.  “Transient Hydrodynamic and Salinity Simulations in the Chesapeake Bay Network,” Estuaries, 6, No. 4: 356-363.
  19. T.O. Najarian and J.L. Taft, 1981. “Nitrogen-Cycle Model for Aquatic Systems: Analysis,” ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 107, No. EE6.
  20. T.O. Najarian, M.L. Thatcher, and D.R.F. Harleman, 1980.  “C & D Canal Effect on Salinity of Delaware Estuary,” ASCE Journal of the Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Division, 106, No. WW1.

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