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Land Surveying / Construction Layout & Services

Najarian Associates provides land surveying and mapping services throughout the New Jersey. Our surveying department successfully utilizes the latest surveying software, equipment and technologies to complete your projects, cost effectively and ahead of schedule. Najarian's team of professionals with their longtime partners, have completed several of the largest land development projects in the state. While we remain dedicated to our longtime partners, we also look forward to new opportunities and business relationships in the future.

Surveying Services

• Boundary & Title Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• ALTA Surveys
• Control Surveys-GPS Control
• Route / Right of Way Surveys
• As-built Surveys & Reports
• Hydrographic Surveys
• Monitoring Surveys
• Flood Elevation Certificates
• Construction Layout / Services
• OSHA Certified Field Crews
• Green / Blue Acres Surveys
• State Agricultural Development Surveys

Robotic Surveying Hydrographic Surveying
Najarian Associates provides robotic survey crews for every type of surveying need, including environmental surveys, construction stakeout surveys, ALTA Surveys and property surveys. Najarian Associates provides experienced crews for mapping stream and waterway cross-sections, hydrographic surveys for dredging marinas.
Environmental Surveying Services Highway Surveying Services
Najarian Associates provides experienced OSHA-certified field crews and project managers for environmental projects. Our managers are experienced in maintaining complete and functional databases. Najarian Associates provides roadway and right-of-way surveying of State, County and Municipal projects. Experienced field crews, accurate field notes and quality-controlled data collection procedures assure a seamless highway design process.
Construction Layout Services GPS Surveying
Najarian Associates provides construction layout for residential, commercial and industrial development. Data collection and robotic crews help maintain tight work schedules and provide accurate data. Najarian Associates provides static and RTK surveying to determine accurate horizontal and vertical locations. At clients direction, our survey data is delivered in various datums such as NJSPCS - NAD 1983, NAVD 1988 (GEOID XX), latitude and longitude (1983 or 1927).

Professional Services

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