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Site Investigation/Remediation & Brownfield Redevelopment

Whether your goal is compliance, closure, re-development or litigation, Najarian Associates provides professional services and expertise to meet your goals.

Site Investigation

To date, Najarian Associates has conducted hundreds of Phase I/Phase II site audits for various commercial, industrial, agricultural and brownfield properties throughout the Tri-State region. On sites that have a well-defined degree of potential risk, such investigations may be limited to site inspections, historical reviews, and a limited soil-testing program. For sites that require a more comprehensive approach, Najarian Associates samples site soils, ground water, surface water and sediment. Typical services include screening for hazardous wastes, ISRA, EIS, PA/SI/RI/RAW and expert testimony. Also, our firm provides emergency response services for hazardous waste spills and leaking underground storage tanks (USTs), and provides fate and transport modeling services.

Our firm has conducted New Jersey's first full-scale application of EPA's TRIAD - a fast-tracked sampling approach that supports remedial alternatives analyses with greater resolution/accuracy.

Site Remediation

Najarian Associates can identify and implement comprehensive action plans to solve existing and potential hazardous threats to the environment. Such plans are developed based on monitoring data and an evaluation of alternatives. Our firm has successfully implemented a range of technological solutions, including:

     • bio-augmentation and monitored natural attenuation
     • deed restriction and engineering controls (e.g., site capping, liners and slurry walls)
     • in-situ soil and ground water treatment (e.g., soil vapor extraction, air sparging, multi-phase extraction system,
       LNAPL recovery, pump-and-treat, etc)
     • soil excavation and off-site disposal

Our firm has obtained numerous No Further Action (NFA) letters from NJDEP for projects with environmental concerns, thereby minimizing risks associated with property development.

Brownfield Redevelopment

Re-development of blighted, environmentally-impacted properties is often accompanied by a myriad of challenges and opportunities for public and private stakeholders. Often, such projects are delayed due to environmental contamination concerns and lack of adequate funding. Najarian Associates has a proven track record in resolving these critical issues.

Our firm received a "Brownfield Redevelopment Outstanding Achievement Award" from a major developer for resolving chromium contaminated soil and groundwater issues at a former brownfield site in Jersey City, New Jersey. Also, Najarian Associates successfully secured NJDEP funding for remediation and redevelopment of a former dredge-material disposal site (Seawaren Peninsula, New Jersey) into a public waterfront park. Our innovative TRIAD approach is supporting the redevelopment of a former tire manufacturing site in Milltown, New Jersey to a mixed-use development. Najarian Associates secured in excess of $12 million in grant funds to investigate and remediate this site.

Professional Services

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